Erica Taxin

Erica Taxin

Erica Taxin who studied under the guidance of Yoganad Michael Carroll of the Pranakryia tradition.

Erica’s classes are a mixture of deep self inquiry a process of “coming home” to ones Self and a physical practice that integrates functional strength and mobility work. Erica has studied not only within the asana (posture) practice for over 25 years, but has continuing education in the FRC (functional range conditioning) discipline.


Tricia Adelman

My philosophy is that everything is connected and that I’m here to be a voracious lifelong student - I believe this is felt in my teaching. My practice is a woven tapestry of disciplines rooted in consciously embodied breath, strength, resiliency, mobility and longevity.  I am passionate about the marvelous systems of the human body and infinite mysteries of the soul. Consistency allows us access to embodied states of LIFE, self-expressing itself through moving and feeling and discernment about what works and what doesn’t.  Like any good recipe, I draw from a vast field of interdisciplinary knowledge and use equal parts wisdom, sciences and intuition to light the way.  
I’ve completed 500hrs of yoga teacher training, and an additional 500 hrs in specialty trainings such as Thai Yoga Massage and Acupressure, Yoga Therapy, Functional Movement Systems, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Lymphatics, Poly-Vagal Toning, and have an advanced certification in Astrology. I’ve been teaching movement classes since 1990, yoga classes and privates since 2012 and Mindfulness curriculum for Princeton University and private coaching since 2018.
I believe as teachers, we are guides whose primary role is to encourage students to explore their unique experiences on the mat. 
What motivates us to find our way to a yoga practice is different than why we return to our yoga practice.  The reasons for why are interesting only so far as we're convinced the mind has the answers. The convergence of the mind, body and life-spirit are where we rediscover ourselves, over and over again.


Rebecca Saline

I began practicing yoga in 2001 at the urging of my sister. It was a life-changing experience. The moment I stepped into the studio, I felt something special. I had done some yoga poses on my own before, but this time, something was different. I felt a deep sense of ease, of being truly present in the moment and connecting with my body on a deeper level. I enjoyed the physical challenge, but what really made it transformative was the feeling of peace that I hadn’t experienced before. Immediately, I became passionate about yoga as an instrument for healing and integrating the body and mind. In 2003, I became a certified yoga instructor.
The building blocks of my style are creative sequences where breath, intention and mindfulness work in concert with movement. My goal in every class is to create a practice where greater awareness is achieved through the use of asanas (physical positions) and conscious breath. I encourage my students to honor their bodies and minds; to be kind, gentle, and compassionate with themselves. To me, yoga is simply about being yourself and developing a deeper connection to your true essence, the Self. It is about spending time in a state of presence, intention, and self-love.

Rachel Hunter

Born in the United Kingdom, I moved to the USA in 1996 for postdoctoral studies in organic chemistry. Living in Princeton, NJ, I was persuaded onto a yoga mat by a roommate - my curiosity piqued about how yoga could complement the activities that I loved.

The openness, focus and clarity that the practice provides and the calmness and stillness it creates are elements that I continue to explore in my practice and teaching.

I believe that our yoga practice can be a time for self care - an opportunity to balance the desire for action and movement with much needed time to slow down and invite our busy minds to quiet. My teaching places an emphasis on the qualities of curiosity and presence in the physical practice, with a clarity of instruction to build a proper foundation of alignment for “every” body. My goal is to empower students to dive deeper into their own practice and discover the long term benefits of mindful movement and breath awareness.

A forever student, I received my 200h certification from Verge Yoga (PA) in 2009 and completed a 300h training at The Yoga Garden (PA). I am especially passionate about Yin Yoga and have completed trainings with Corinna Benner and Sally Miller. Other studies include insightful perspectives on teaching and the practice, with Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny at Dig Yoga NJ.

"An improved and different result will only come from a different approach...change requires change."

Christina Fittipoldi

In 2005, I gave birth to my only son, Gabriel, and within three weeks of his birth, I was diagnosed with PPD.  Lost in my new role as a mother and mourning the loss of my career as a first grade teacher, my entire being felt disconnected.  A friend suggested trying yoga and I immediately fell in love with the movement and flow along with the stability and strength that yoga provided for me both on and off my mat.
That first of many supportive teachers created the space I needed to explore and to see myself through a more open & compassionate lens. In 2015, I completed my 200 hour training and began teaching multiple classes a week at various studios in the area. Eager to learn and expand as a teacher, I continued my studies and completed my 300 hour yoga training at Yoga Shala in January 2020.  One month later the pandemic hit, forcing studios to close and I held on to Zoom classes for a sense of community and connection I deeply cherished.  I relied heavily on all aspects of yoga to navigate the challenges the pandemic brought and feel grateful that I’ve been given a chance to become more intimately aware of my soul & reconnect to the divine wisdom within.
In my classes I focus on the importance of building a foundation for each student’s practice, to make it take root in their hearts and not just be moments on the mat where they follow my instructions.  I offer sequencing that is thoughtful, meaningful, and allows for inner exploration while guiding you through safe and responsible movements using body and breath awareness.
My passion is to offer a gateway to ease & greater growth by practicing mindfulness and building a community that sees and supports others as they allow themselves the same grace and presence that I’ve experienced in my yoga journey.